Cryptocurrency Spokesperson


Are you a Social Media Star, interested in cryptocurrency?

Electroneum, the mobile cryptocurrency, is looking for online spokespersons willing to discuss the new currency on their social media platforms. The developers are raising funds to further develop Electroneum via an "Initial Coin Offering." Your role would be driving traffic to their site. You are not required to invest personally.

Electroneum is a leap forwards in the accessibility of cryptocurrencies. It's all powered by their revolutionary app. No tech knowledge or super-computer required. The ICO runs September 14th through October 31st. 

If you are interested in becoming a spokesperson for Electroneum, you will earn a 5% commission on all transactions that take place via your unique referral link. Read more below. 

If you are interested or want more information, use the form below to reach out. Include all the required info plus: 1) your most popular social platforms and how many followers you have on each, 2) which of them you're willing to post on, 3) the format you're able to post (image / video). Enter, "Crypto Spokesperson" in the subject line. 



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Some specifics about this opportunity that may be different from others. You will be paid in Electroneum, not US Dollars. There are no minimum guarantees, but also no maximum caps on what you can earn. Once earned, you are able to: hold onto your Electroneum, convert it into your preferred cryptocurrency, or sell it on a cryptocurrency exchange. General cryptocurrency investment risk warning: Electroneum is a complementary currency. Past performance of an investment is no guide to its performance in the future. Investments, or income from them, can go down as well as up. Risk can be brought about by the performance of world markets, interest rates, taxes on income and capital, politics and regulation. You may not necessarily get back any of the amount you invested. This site does not offer advice. If you are unsure about any investment or financial decision, you should seek expert independent advice.