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As a leading Casting Producer in Los Angeles, I don't just cast existing shows - I develop new ones! That means I'm always on the lookout for stories, individuals, families, businesses, etc. Below is my current slate of casting needs. Please use the contact form to express interest in any of the following opportunities or to pitch your own idea.

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Femele Surgeons

Nationwide, USA

The producers of a hit medical show are now casting nationwide for a new show about female surgeons who operate on wild, unique, and often lifesaving surgeries anywhere between the neck and ankle.


Auto Enthusiasts


Does your life involve building, customizing, racing, restoring, or anything surrounding cars? Are you knowledgeable, personable, and love sharing your passion for automobiles? Reach out if you have a captivating job, hobby, or involvement in an auto based arena!

2012 MOvie_edited.jpg

Urban Survivalist


Are you an expert in the field of Urban Survival? Are you prepared for any sort of natural disaster or emergency situation in a populated city? Click below to learn more!

Black Chunky Stilettos

Drag Queen Family


The Family That Slays Together Stays Together! Are you currently a member of a Drag Family? Do you live, compete or perform with each other? Is your drag family so over the top that the entire country needs to meet you?

In Good Hands

End-Of-Life Care


Are you or a loved one currently considering your options for End Of Life Care? This is for research purposes only and there is no commitment to participate in a television show.


Pinterest Expert


Are you a Pinterest Expert? Do you have a background in home design, renovation, or another related field? Is your personality only shown up by your creations?

Restaurant Interior

Restaurants That Need A Makeover


We've seen it all too often... a popular restaurant closing it's doors. Let us help yours become a success story.

Open For Business

Family and/or Small Business


Do you have a business that is visual, unique or exciting? Are you, your business, and your coworkers are so intriguing that people can’t help but say, “You should be on TV!"

Friends with surfboards

Fantastic Families & Friends


Is your family or group of friends bursting at the seams with personality? Is daily life in your home or circle worthy of it’s own tv show? Is there something extremely unique, exciting or just downright cool about your family or friend group?



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